Executive Director (US)

Dear Parents and Students,

In this rapidly changing world, we all recognize that the education of our you this imperative for success in a globalized society. We know that if anyone is afraid of changes and challenges, he or she cannot move ahead in such a highly competitive world. I really want our students to understand the fact and broad ideas of a global world and proceed into it with hope.

In this complex age, for our students to prepare for a bright future, the direction of learning should be creative and intellectually aggressive, above all. All countries in the world are beginning to understand the value of this creative approach to mathematics instruction. Now more than ever, the creative instruction of elementary and middle school mathematics is required for our students. In this time of need, MOEMS Math Olympiad is expanding throughout the world. Now, the international math competition is being conducted in South Korea, a non-English-speaking country.

I hope that our elementary and middle school students have a great experience with the Math Olympiad, and that all of the students anticipate their own futures with passion and creativity leading toward achieving their desired goals. In addition, I want our students to participate in a healthy challenge and embrace a wide vision by competing with the mathematical world. In this global age, I hope, once again, that MOEMS International Math Olympiad will provide a wonderful opportunity for our students to unfold the courage to dream in this exciting and evolving new world.

Thank you.

Dr. Nicholas Restivo
Executive Director(US)